mining hydraulic components, mining hydraulic solutions mining motors


Dosco manufactures high-quality hydraulic components and solutions that are built to withstand harsh mining conditions. Our remanufactured hydraulic pumps and motors meet OEM specifications and can reduce maintenance and repair costs significantly.

construction hydraulics components, construction hydraulic solution


Dosco provides a variety of hydraulic components for construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers and loaders. We provide dependable and long-lasting hydraulic solutions that improve performance and decrease downtime.

service vehicles hydraulic components, service vehicles hydraulic solutions, service vehicles hydraulic re-manufacturing service vehicles

Service Vehicles

Dosco offers hydraulic solutions for service vehicles such as crane trucks, tow trucks and fire engines, to name a few. Our hydraulic components are built to be efficient and dependable, ensuring that your vehicles are always in top shape.

forestry/logging hydraulic components, forestry/logging hydraulic solutions, forestry/logging hydraulic re-manufacturing Forestry and Logging

Forestry and Logging

Dosco provides hydraulic solutions for forestry and logging equipment such as felling heads, harvesters and skidders. Our hydraulic components are built to withstand harsh environments and deliver dependable performance even in the most extreme conditions.

marine industry hydraulic components, marine industry hydraulic solutions, marine industry hydraulic re-manufacturing Marine industry


Dosco manufactures hydraulic components for the marine industry, such as cranes, winches and steering systems. Our hydraulic components are built to last and to be efficient, ensuring that your marine equipment runs smoothly and reliably.

agriculture hydraulic components, agriculture hydraulic solutions, agriculture hydraulic re-manufacturing Agricultural equipment


Dosco offers hydraulic solutions for agricultural equipment such as tractors, harvesters and sprayers. Our hydraulic components are engineered to provide dependable and efficient performance, thereby increasing productivity and decreasing downtime.

hydraulic components for resale hydraulic components for resale


Dosco offers a variety of hydraulic components for resale. Our high-quality hydraulic pumps and motors are remanufactured to OEM specifications, providing resellers and their customers with cost-effective solutions.

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